Chris Cordova is no stranger to being an outlier. Raised by a young single-mom in the working class town of Chino, CA Chris did everything he could to escape poverty and make a positive impact on himself and those around him. By the age of 13 Chris discovered his natural talent by teaching himself how to edit videos. At 17 he quit his regular movie-theater job to learn weddings and video production. At 19 he directed a 40-minute short film in Pomona, CA - which involved closing down streets with city permits and casting his actors off Craigslist. And at 23 Chris graduated the University of California Riverside and committed fulltime to his passion of filmmaking.

Chris has held multiple Shooter/Editor positions and created content for various companies and brands ranging from Insomniac Events to Wiz KhalifaActivision/Blizzard, Toyota, Disney, and many more. Chris has also had many videos go viral as well as having his content used for heavy social media campaigns creating millions of video impressions worldwide. 

In 2018, Chris incorporated as Chris Cordova Cinema with the goal of creating an authentic, diverse, and in-touch entertainment brand. Chris currently does freelance video editing as he quietly works on the sideline writing his first feature film. Chris has a vast range of skills, knowledge, connections, insights, and resources that can be brought together and harnessed for any project at any time. Chris looks up to filmmaking pioneers like Walt Disney, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, and Zack Snyder.

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